Her Promises!

Today I realized how much we are adhere to the promises that we make to someone. Life teaches us many good things every day , also introduce many opportunities . But we fail each times when it arrives. Today I want to say something about a thing, which is just a shit and you may find people calling or labeling it as ” The Insect Of Love ” Did any one of you, made your partner a promise, a promise to stay with them forever till their last breath?? Somewhat funny, isn’t it? I mean whole life dude!! Enough it will be if they could’ve stayed with us till a year. Anyway Are they still athere on their promises yet ?? No?? Right?? What do they gain making all that promises which doesn’t make any sense to them.? Lemme tell you, it’s because they like to see you breaking into pieces. Hurting people, playing with their feelings & emotions and pulling them towards anxiety and then leave, is their first Prioty to destroy you. Those kind of people seem cool & nice in the first place but more dangerous are they! They can create an environment of new hope, new energy, prosperity & also have an ability to change you completely through theirs avid writing set of skills. Please try to keep a distance from them. ..they might be around you or within you. I admit I had been going through hard times when you didn’t enter my life but since you came to my life I started to feel a thousands changes happening in me. Being physically impacted I knew nobody would accept me as their friends, partners but you came, hold my hand and accepted me the way I was . I’m really so thankful to you for being so nice with me for whole this year. Your getting me up early at 5 in the morning was the most beautiful time I had ever spent with someone . We had strifes many times,but all that strifes turns into love in seconds. When you’d call me on phone and kept saying my name a hundred times like,Munna Munna, Baba, Ente kornga (Mera Bandar), my chulbul, I’d often cry and say thanks to Allah , for making my wishes come true as I had always dreamt of having a best friend who could understand me, help me when I need them, so he sent you to me in order to prevent me from sufferings I was going through. Now as it’s been almost one year I remember all those sweet memories. There’s not even a single night when I didn’t cry.But You won’t believe me, because you’ve got someone more entertaining and Hercules man in your life to make your day , to love you, to entertain you, to laugh with you on silly things we once did together. Why do you need me anymore? You have changed completely. You don’t need to be in a relationship with a person who’s broken with heart and body as well. Did you Remember when I told you, you were different, so caring and kind to people . But I’m sorry I forgot, you were also a human being. So just like a human cheats & collapse every beautiful things so you can either.You especially to me, were a world. I feel my world around you.Being with you I’d feel I had been knocking the world long enough. Hmm may be you forgot. Anyway , We see life as we want to see it through our eyes. But I wanted to see this world through your eyes. I’d read in books, heard from people that , that shit hurts, now i want to apologize them for not listening to them.May be they wanted me to be warned not to falling in that shit. But today I’m experiencing it & it’s really painful as somebody penetrated my heart with an arrow. It’s unbearable & it’s killing me everyday . I beg you, whatever you have done with me, please don’t do this with anybody else.

“Don’t make false promises.
Some promises means a lot to someone.
Promise if you could keep them.
Because you don’t know , someone who you once promised to, is still waiting for your promises to happen.


Escaping The Reality

Today, I tried escaping the reality.

The day was dull,

and I wore dull too.

It began at the division,

where I should have taken right—

gone through the rough road

met the happy end—

but I took left,

and surrendered to pain.

This road was decorated with illusions

and I ended up boarding one of its plane.

I took it all with me,

that I should have detatched long back—

dragged all my sorrows,

destroyed past’s, failed today’s,

lifeless faith, unwanted emotions,

and to be a failed tomorrow’s.

I dragged everything in


But this plane has no windows

no exits either!

And hours on,

we’re flying towards nowhere.

All the things I dragged in

crawl onto my skin,

onto my soul.

I cannot bear it.

I cannot!

Listen. Somebody?

Come rescuse me,

tell me it’s not late.

Tell me,

I still can take the right

onto the rough road.


Ask the pilot to stop.

I want to go back to reality again

I want to jump off.


How much hope

is enough for one to

save oneself?

i carried a bit with me

like rose fragrance.

that did not last long.

but enough to save me,

as it is.

hopeless minds and

hopeless hearts

are haunted places.


no one loves to stay.

you can feel everything

but incompletely;

like your life has


like questions shackle

your feet every night

you plan to sleep.

without hope

you ought to suffocate yourself.


you must carry hope

small enough to save you.


even if it’s just as little

as the last drop of water

in a desert.

Thank You !

Please let her grow

You don’t let her grow.

But she, she is a cosmos.

A wildflower- a universe.

She is, a woman

and blooms through all your storms.

You try to pluck her out with your words,

and jab her roots with your manliness,

but she leaves a scent behind.

It’s a fragrance you cannot get rid of,

a trail of compassion, no strength can shake.

Tell you, Dear Man,

She’s the womb, you breathed in ,

and so shall she be for your children.

The companion of your storms

and a healer of your soul.

Tell me.

Don’t you run into your mother’s lap when you fear,

that world will suck your marrow — peace.

Isn’t it a woman

who could trespass your ego,

and stay there till years.

How can you snatch someone of the grace

that Creator gifted her with?

She is Wisest Of all MEN

She grows, expands universe in her eyes,

Let her grow, for she knows else,

how to out grow!

Thank you !

Some of my old sketches !

Here are some sketches made by me 2 years ago . Take a look !

1. Kittu and ASHOK .

They used to like each other but never shared their feeling . So i tried just to make them closer each other.

Don’t be confuses about my name . Munna is my pet name given by my family . And maddy that was given by me lol as so many people in my circle started to call me Munna which I didn’t like it at all . So i kept my own name Maddy . Wasn’t it good ???

2 . At Bus Stop .

It was a real scene that I saw while standing at a bus stop waiting for my bus . The weather was not good that time and it was about to rain . Suddenly what I saw , A boy trying to comfort his girlfriend as she was feeling cold so he gave his jacket to her . What a view it was !!! I went home and portrayed it in my diary .

3. I dreamed of having a best friend.

4. I became so devastated that I didn’t want to live any more .

5. ….

I made so many drawings but accidentally lost them all but rest were saved .

Thank you

Sameer Thobani !

What does feminism mean to you?

So this happened yesterday. In a small gathering of friends, one of my friend accidentally brushed against a girl. What happened next shocked me.

The girl started shouting and abusing my friend saying “hey how can you touch me like that you ‘some random abuse”, just because I look beautiful and dress in a progressive way you don’t have any right to touch me like that, you molester.

She was looking something like this (Image for illustration purpose only)

My friend stood there silent and then said it was purely by mistake and it was never his intention to touch her, leave alone molesting. And I interrupted too saying it was unintentional but it was late, the self morale police brigade(the people around) had already accused him of molesting and he had to face very embarrassing situation.

But this incident alone did not made me sad, lets cut back to 3 weeks back. In a similar get together, the same girl kept touching a boy who had very well built muscles. She was touching his chest and arms and praising him. The boy was uncomfortable and gave her stern look. On this she said what’s wrong? We girls are now a part of modern society. We are equal to boys. We too can initiate talk and touch you. The boy just got up and went from there.

Some girls today use the tag of FEMINISM in a very wrong way.

This makes me sad, not just today but everyday. I hope these girls learn to use their rights in a rightful way.

Thank You !

The Day When I Felt Victimised!

I felt victimized. When I was sixteenth in 11th class, I was bullied by my classmates from another community for almost two years.

This incident took place when I left my old school And took admission in a new school with new atmosphere and students around. Since I lived 6 to 7 kms away from my school, My dad used to drop me to school . It took about one and half hour to reach the school.

So my horrible school-life of two 2 years were spent during this journey.

Now in that school in my class we were only 5 to 6 Muslims students and rest all were from Peaceful community.

On my first day to school, I still remember the first question a boy asked me was— ‘Are you a Hindu or Muslim’?

I got quite confused on listening to it as no one had ever asked me this question earlier anywhere.

But then I replied— ‘I’m a Muslim ’. On hearing my answer he said, You are of no use then.’

I got more confused after hearing that. I was quite young to grasp the actual meaning of that answer.

I reached my school and went to my class. I was like the odd one out in my class. Entire class was staring at me as if I have come from another planet. Moreover, since I joined that school between the session, I was the point of attention in my class.

Now, the same guy who asked me disgusting question in the school happened to be one of my classmate.

Now what he did when our school got over ,he started shouting to all the students of my class — He’s a Muslim and he’s a cheat . He’s a terrorist. 4 to 5 boys of my class would call me a terrorist all the day instead of my name and it hurts so bad . Despite things like this happening with me , I even don’t utter a word for them .

After listening to it I still remember all the boys and girls of my class crowded around my seat and started questioning me all sorts of shitty questions in the name of ‘Ragging’.

Questions on my religion, on my language, on my hair, on my appearance, on my voice etc etc. In short they were making fun of me. Moreover even the senior boys of 12th class were involved in this stuff.

I felt humiliated that day.

I remember when I reached home, I hugged my mom and started crying. I was like— ‘I don’t want to study in this school. Please take me to another school .

But I didn’t have the courage to tell my mom the whole incident that occured in my school on my first day. Then I decided to ignore that incident thinking it happened just because it was my first day in school. Now it won’t happen anymore.

But I was wrong.

The same thing happened the next day and then the another day and then for whole two years. They bullied me (exclusively me) for whole two years. Reason being I was a Muslim Moreover I have already mentioned that there were only 5 to 6 Muslim in my class . So I became an easy target for all the guys in my class .

They used to occupy my seat without my consent. Sometimes pull my chair .Close my window. Sit beside me and talk useless things. They also made sure that I won’t get a seat in the class .

At first, I didn’t understand why were they treating me like that as I have done no wrong to them. I used to think of various reasons behind such treatment.

Reasons like may be they find me no their type , may be they don’t like curly hair cut , may be they don’t like people coming from another religion or state and so on. My innocent mind was unable to decide that why it was happening only with me?

I became timid with no self-esteem during that phase. I started fearing those guys as they were quite well-built and they used to bully me in a group.

Moreover irony was there were four teachers who used to teach us (belonging to their community). Even they didn’t question those students once that why are you bullying him or leave him. Despite knowing everything they chose to turn blind eye from everything that was happening in the school .I think even they were afraid of those guys.

So there was not a single day during those two years when I had not cried because of them. Yes, I was afraid of them.

Now one day, I didn’t get seat in the class .well, it had become common till then) and one of my Hindu friend, a boy , also didn’t get any seat.

Now, one of the Hindu guy stood up and offered Him (only Him ) seat saying— ‘You belong to our community. You can take my seat.

That day I was shocked.

That day my innocent mind realised that they didn’t have any problem with my looks but with my ‘Religion’.

Just because I was not from their religion they chose to make two years of my school life a ‘Hell’. They chose to make me cry everyday for no reason.

And I’m not lying in my answer just for some upvotes.

As I didn’t have the courage to discuss on this bullying with my parents I used to jot down all my feelings in my personal diary.

Now this ‘selective bullying’ had somewhere left a deep impact on me. And no one should ever go through this at such a tender age. Because in this age you are afraid to share your feelings with anyone. You are vulnerable during this age .

I don’t know about others but yes I felt Victimised. Just because I’m from a minority community and being a Muslim I got bullied by the majority of India.

And I’m not against any religion. My best friend is a Hindu. But this is something I honestly went through.

Please forgive me if I said something wrong . My intention is not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Thank you !

What’s the purpose of our life ?? Is it happiness ?? Not it’s not . It’s totally usefulness .

We love doing things that make us happy. From going on holiday to buying a new car, we keep chasing that next nugget of happiness.

If you change it up and look at happiness as being a byproduct of your actions, choices and decisions that involve working towards a larger purpose, you’ll begin to notice how wonderful life really can be. True happiness is derived from moments of interaction and connection.

I’m happiest when doing something useful for somebody else, whether it be a friend, family member, colleague or even a stranger. When I’ve done something valuable for them, they’re happy which makes me happy!

Find something useful to do for someone.

Do it. Let me know how you feel afterwards.

“Being useful is a mindset. And like with any mindset, it starts with a decision. One day I woke up and thought to myself: What am I doing for this world? The answer was nothing.”

Thank you !

A girl in my class

There was a girl in my class when I was in school. Unlike me who had bunch of friends and who used to be the most mischievous girl of the class, she used to remain alone. She didn’t have friends (even she was very good in maths) and she used to sit at the last bench inspite of coming very early to the class. You know why? Because of us. All of my other classmates (including me) used to tease her because she was fat. (Hey, please don’t judge me. I was just a kid)

Not only my classmates, sometimes our teachers also used to crack joke on her to make others laugh when the class used to be boring.

In the starting year of our school she used to give auditions for our cultural fest but she was always rejected. After sometime she stopped coming to auditions and attending those fest because may be she had known the reason of not being selected as her body was not perfect.

I still remember the rehearsals of the last annual function of ours. We were practicing in our auditorium. I was the anchor and was checking the list of participants when I saw her name written in the list of solo dance participants. I couldn’t believe she was going to dance. (To be honest I laughed in my heart)

When she came for the rehearsal, every other students sitting there started humiliating her and commenting over her.

“aie moti stage todegi kya?” (hey you fat girl, you gonna break the stage)

“arey ye khud phat jaayegi dance karegi toh” (she will burst if she will dance) and everyone was laughing. She kept standing there for a while and then ran away crying.

I really felt bad seeing her crying for the first time. Something broke inside me when she left but I didn’t stop them from humiliating her (may be I didn’t want to lose my friendship).

She didn’t come to practice after that.

Finally our annual function came and after all the programme I was shocked when my teacher asked me to announce her name for the solo dance.

I wanted to tell my teacher about the humiliation she faced while our practice and to give her reason for not calling her as she won’t be able to perform. But I didn’t say a single word and called her name.

She was standing on the stage after few minutes. I could see her cheeks flushing and may be I could feel her heartbeat inside me which was pounding so hardly that it could be heard by others. I could hear the giggling and comments of my classmates standing backstage. Every student sitting there was laughing. And laughter kept growing louder untill my teacher came and warned them to keep quiet and told her to dance.

She danced really amazingly. In spite of having heavy body she was so flexible and flowing like water. (I could see the reflection of Saroj Khan in her).

At that moment she was the bravest girl around me. This might not be easy for her. She might had fear too but she had the courage to move forward so strongly in spite of the fear to be humiliated again. She was an inspiration to me at that point of time. She taught me that, your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are.

I was shattered to my own self to be a part of society where we tend to judge beauty of a person by their waistline, where beauty meets brain but brain never meets with beauty because the latter one is always millions of notch higher.

People just don’t simply decide to hate their bodies, its us who teach them to.

So here my question is,

Is fat really the worst thing a human being can be? Is fat worse than vindictive, jealous, shallow, vain, evil or cruel? Not to me anymore. —J.K. Rowling

There’s something about me I’ve to tell you .

I have never had any friends with whom I could confide. I started to realize it at an early age, around 10, that I was already switching from friend to friend every year. Every time a conflict came up, I decided to move forward and leave that person behind instead of choosing to have a friend and compromise in some way.

In middle school my isolation became a lifestyle, and all of the alone time amounted to what is today my career: I started playing with cameras and computers for hours upon days upon weeks, I started editing in photoshop and final cut pro. I bought a laptop when I was 12. But around the same time, I felt so distant from everyone that I started to have suicidal thoughts. I remember telling my parents with a straight face that I didn’t want to live anymore. My peers were foreign to me because I spent so little time with them, and when I did I felt like they were intentionally hurting me when really they were just not as emotionally attached or aware. My teachers became my friends, which just made things worse because I wasn’t allowed to hang out with my 7th grade literature teacher on the weekends.

Change is an important part of isolation because it allows hope for a new beginning. Going in to high school and college was always viewed as a fresh start. But change is also important because it’s the reason why I don’t make valuable connections to begin with. I constantly change my views, sometimes I’ll change my views on a major debate within the course of the debate itself. Through the years I have constantly evolved, making each year, each month, each day contain a different version of myself, and this kind of behavior would make it impossible to have any close friends for an extended period of time.

Eventually you realize that it’s just the way you’re hard wired. It’s not so much your own choice but a tragic flaw. I’m very introverted so I spend a lot of time alone; something most people don’t understand. I’m very sensitive so I always feel let down by the actions of others. Sometimes my reasons are valid and sometimes I’m being melodramatic. I imagine problems when they don’t exist and duck out to escape rejection that was never coming. I make villains of those who disagree with me. I romanticize failed relationships and then rekindle them, only to discover that I never liked them in the first place. But once they discover my emotional instability they make me wear a big “C” on my chest to remind me that I’m crazy.

I’m still trying to find a balance.

Fascinating Photos of 1960s Afghanistan.


In 1967, Arizona State University professor Bill Podlich and his family swapped the United States for the unfamiliar environs of Kabul, Afghanistan. When not working at the Higher Teachers College of Kabul, Podlich made great use of his Kodachrome camera to document an Afghanistan that many of us would simply not recognize anymore. These images just go to show our incredible capacity to change–for better and for worse.

1960s Afghanistan presents a stark contrast to the war-torn region we recognize today. Take a peek at the way Afghanistan was–and how it can be again.

The peaceful hues of 1960s Afghanistan paint a far different picture of the country currently embroiled in corruption and struggle. In 1967, Arizona State University professor Dr. Bill Podlich and his family swapped the stark, sultry summers of Tempe, Arizona for the environs of Kabul, Afghanistan.

After serving in World War II, Podlich wanted to partake in a cause for peace, and for that reason he teamed up with UNESCO to work for two years at the Higher Teachers College of Kabul, Afghanistan. With him were his children, Jan and Peg, along with his wife Margaret.

When not building relationships with his Afghani cohorts, Podlich developed something else: his Kodachrome film, which captured a modernizing and peaceful Afghanistan that belies the harrowing images and thoughts associated with the war-torn country we see today.

That is why, in Peg Podlich’s eyes, her father’s photos are so incredibly important. Says Podlich, these photos “can encourage folks to see Afghanistan and its people as they were and could be. It is important to know that we have more in common with people in other lands than what separates us.”1960s-afghanistan-2

Thanks to the Denver Post for the images above. We also highly recommend watching this Vice series on life in Afghanistan since the American-led invasion in 2001.




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